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Our Vision

Our Mission

SCC is committed to the elimination of poverty in Vietnam through education.

Our vision is to enable disadvantaged children to reach their full potential through receiving quality education relevant to their needs. We do this by ensuring the most disadvantaged children, including those with developmental disabilities, receive a good education, maintain good health, and sustain themselves and their families. 

Education is, we believe, the most lasting and effective way we can help children and their families to escape from the cycle of poverty.

We believe that a measured amount of carefully targeted help from us can make all the difference. We believe that by focusing on the educational needs of the most disadvantaged children, we are able to achieve positive change for them. We measure our results in the numbers of children going to school, graduating from school, going on to university and those finding decent jobs.​

​Since our inception we have followed certain guiding principles:

* We help only the children in greatest need

* We foster independence and avoid creating dependency

* We never replace the responsibility of parents, the authorities or the child